Copywriting vs Content Writing: There Is a Difference. Really!

I lead a local Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) group and a couple of weeks ago I met with some colleagues to plan our monthly meeting topics for 2015/2016. One topic that is hot on my mind (surprise, surprise) is content marketing. When I suggested the topic: crickets and blank stares. It is the same reaction at work when we try to explain how a content writer differs from a copywriter. So, I thought I would take it here to set the record straight.


Copywriting is writing copy that sells your product or service.

Content Marketing is creating content to attract, acquire, and engage.

So, copy sells, content informs. Pretty simple right?

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Content marketing is blogs, white papers and longer form content. Copywriting is advertising, headlines, webpage content and direct mail.

Although they are different channels and have different purposes, they need to work together. If one is done wrong, the other suffers. Content marketing and copywriting should complement each other and reinforce the overall brand message. Garner attention with a great headline (copywriting) and keep them with valuable content that makes them think and want to act (content).

Did this help dispel the mystery? There is so much still to learn as content marketing continues to develop.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what is next.