A Dream Vacation? Once We Got There!

Sean (my boyfriend) and I decided we deserved to take a vacation. We chose a 7-night cruise on Royal Caribbean with three ports of call: Jamaica, Grand Caymans, & Cozumel Mexico. We got a great deal from AAA on a balcony room complete with a bottle of champagne, free spa treatment, and VIP check-in. It sounds like a dream, right? It was, once we got there…

Fail #1: We got our tickets via our frequent flier miles which did not allow us a direct flight. Ship sailed out of Galveston, TX so our tickets took us from Seattle to Dallas to Houston.

Fail #2: Our flight from Dallas to Houston was cancelled due to ice. ICE! We were notified when we checked in at Sea-Tac (by an incredibly sweet attendant) that our flight was re-booked for the next morning (Sunday), early. It still gave us time to get to the ship in time.

Fail #3: When we arrived in Dallas, we were notified we had been re-booked AGAIN. This time for Monday, making us miss our ship.

Fail #4: The hotel we booked on the plane in Dallas was AWFUL. First clue was our cab driver didn’t know where it was. After we checked in, we went to our room and saw a cop car leaving the parking lot. When we opened the door to the room it was filthy and had alcohol bottles everywhere. Sean when to lock the door and the lock was broken. Next hotel please! 1 hour later we got to another hotel outside of the city.

So, not only did we have no way to get to Houston, the shuttle package we had purchased through the cruise line to get us to Galveston to board the ship left at 9:15 am the next morning. Houston is a 4-hour drive from Dallas. It was too icy still to travel before the sun came up. So, we rented a car from Dallas to Houston because you can’t drive one-way to Galveston (for some un-Godly reason). Then hired a private car to take us from the Houston airport to the ship terminal. An extra $700 and many tears (on my part) later, we arrive in Galveston via our private car. I will admit I felt a little fancy in the private car, but would have given it up to have had a smoother trip.

So with our VIP check-in, just 40 minutes later we were in our room and we both collapsed. After the safety drill, Sean and I got some food and went to sleep. 12 hours later we awoke and began what was an incredible vacation.We slept, ate, explored, and had an overall wonderful time. I think we came back as a better couple. It was the perfect romantic getaway. We can’t wait to go again. Here are a few pics from our trip.