Who is PRGal?

I have thought about starting a blog for years. I never pulled the plug because I didn’t really think I had anything interesting to say. So why now? I think I am finally interesting. I have lived a strange life, worked at interesting (and not so interesting) places, and have a VERY interesting family. Instead of just sharing my stories with a close knit group of friends, why not share it with the world.

So, here I am! Love me, hate me, have a mixture of both. This is my life.

Who is PR Gal?

Name: Jennifer Leigh Aalgaard
Birth date: January 18, 1982
Family: Only child. Parents are still married
Childhood: Grew up in Richland, WA next to a nuclear reactor (home of the Manhattan Project), wineries (hundreds, seriously hundreds), and the beautiful Columbia River.
College: Eastern Washington University. B.S. in Communications with Public Relations emphasis; Double minors in Journalism & Counseling; Internships at KXLY,Valleyfest, and Northwest Events (now defunct).
Career: Planned Parenthood of Central Washington (nowPP of Greater Northwest and North Idaho), MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, Mid-Columbia LibrariesGetting Smart, TrueBlue and Amazon.
Organizations: Public Relations Society of America, Junior League Tacoma, Association of the United States Army
Personal life: Single, but not single. My first child is on the way and I have a cat (who has been called the devil).
Loves: Football, food, action movies (think Avengers, The Bourne Trilogy)
Hopes & Dreams: To be a mom, really good at my job, and content… Of course being independently wealthy wouldn’t be that bad either.